Drop It Like It’s Hot

Try to fit 10 people on a green screen background meant for three at most.  Hand them all toy weapons, and tell them to pretend there’s a super hero team behind them that they are fighting crime with.  The background will fall if they step any further back, and the floor canvas is being rustled around and way out of place.  Three of the ten are smacking their weapons together and knocking smaller kids over.  Crying, yelling, hysterical laughing from the adults in this scenario, and then it happened……I dropped the camera.

The good news is that the camera strap wrapped around the tripod, so it kept my beautiful Canon from completely smashing to pieces. Only the UV filter on the lens was cracked.  You can’t imagine how fast my heart sank as I felt that camera falling!!  Important word of advice y’all, use your camera strap! You can find one similar to mine for under $10 here.  Trust me, it’s a much needed investment!

Here are a few images of our green screen fun.

I didn’t post the scenes that led to dropping my gear.  Green screens are fun, but I’ll save the details for a future post!  Have you ever dropped your gear?  Been a little frustrated behind the camera?

I’d love to hear your story and maybe how you deal with crazy situations that get out of hand!  Share your moment in the comments below!


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